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Solar Company In South Carolina

Solar power is now becoming one of the most sustainable and environment friendly sources of energy. The benefits of moving away from fossil fuels are twofold, given that this is one step towards a renewable and green energy future, as well as reducing your energy bills. This is one reason why you need to choose the Best Solar Company in South Carolina for your solar installation needs.

Watt Bros Solar is exactly the best solar company in South Carolina that will help you achieve your objectives. Our large experience as the USA’s trusted solar panel system provider, makes us the partner of choice. We will assist you in whatever way possible as your partner of choice.

One of the ways we do this is by ensuring that our professionals at Watt Bros do a high quality job of installing solar equipment at your facility. The results would speak for themselves as you experience the entire system performing optimally as per your requirements.

Our journey towards becoming the best solar company in South Carolina

Our process :

Watt Bros has been instrumental in helping Homeowners transition from conventional energy to Solar power. The process used by us is through a seamless transition from Getting a free quote to Quick and easy installation and finally providing 24/7 customer support as part of ongoing maintenance.

Our journey

Our journey has spanned Arizona, where we used to operate at the start, and then to Florida where we are providing installation for different customer needs. Currently, we are getting recognized for being the best solar company in South Carolina.

Why are we the best solar company in South Carolina ?

We currently service locations within Arizona (Chandler, Flagstaff, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson) but have a national footprint This footprint covers operations across most US cities and States, such as Florida and South Carolina.

Our strength lies in not only reducing the carbon footprint for our customers, but in our ability to reduce their expenses by cutting the electricity bills to the tune of 40-60% or more. This outcome can be expected from day 1 of the installation itself !

Our Services in Solar installation :

Residential Solar Panel Installation in South Carolina

Our extensive experience spanning across years, has resulted in an enviable reputation for providing high quality solar panel systems along with installation services to homeowners throughout the state.

We customize our services to meet the specific needs identified for our customers, and then design a solar panel system after understanding your requirements. The requirement may range from a small solar panel system to a larger one covering a household, but Watt Bros has the necessary technical skills and capability to get the job done.

Home Solar Installation South Carolina

In case your requirement is to transition to solar power in the State of South Carolina, we have your back ! Watt Bros has expertise and skills that will help you in achieving your objective for doing solar panel installation at your home. As leaders in residential solar panel installation in South Carolina, we provide reliable, efficient, and cost effective solutions to all our customers. 

Solar Panel Installation in South Carolina

Whether it is homeowners or businesses looking to transition to solar energy in South Carolina, Watt Bros is the right partner for your needs ! We ensure that not only do you save money on your energy bills but also reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Installation Company in South Carolina

In case you are looking for the best solar installation company in South Carolina, then you have come to the right place ! The objective of Watt Bros solar installation company is to ensure that you are able to transition from ‘dirty’ energy to a cleaner renewable energy. Our track record across the years and with a commitment to excellence, has ensured that we are identified as one of the best solar company in South Carolina. This has resulted in ensuring that money is saved for our end customers as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

Solar Company in South Carolina

Sunshine State South Carolina ! At Watt Bros, we look for ways for homeowners and businesses to tap this green energy source and transition to solar power. Our extensive experience in solar technology and installation helps us to understand the individual needs of our customers (goals and budgets) through a wide range of customizable solar solutions. We not only reduce your energy costs, but help reduce your carbon footprint and increase the value of your property.

Citations from happy home owners :

The sun is everywhere ! The only challenge is in harnessing its energy so that the reliance on fossil fuels gets eliminated. The positive outcome is in the reduction of your energy bills as well as in your carbon footprint. Today it is becoming imperative to adopt Solar power as it is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly sources of energy available. The challenge is in finding the right partner to help you in your solar installation initiative. This is where our standing as the best solar company in South Carolina, has tremendous relevance with our successful footprint etched in the State of South Carolina.

Customer view-best solar company in South Carolina :

Satisfied customers Dave & Sheryl have mentioned that the support they received from Watt Bros was consistent and constant throughout the installation and post installation phases. Their reduction in energy expenses has further added a sense of happiness.

We typically take around 3-4 weeks during installation. However, in case we exceed this timeframe, we provide a 45 day installation guarantee as part of our SLA (Service Line Agreement) for our installation work. This implies that if we exceed this installation timeframe, we will pay 6 months of your solar bill !

Customer view-best solar company in South Carolina : :

Satisfied customer Michael was extremely pleased to see how quickly the installation was done, and the results of saving on energy costs as well as contributing to a greener environment by using renewable energy.

The quality of our solar products is rated Tier 1, so our customers can only expect the best quality and performance post implementation of the solar panels.

Customer view-best solar company in South Carolina : :

Satisfied Customers Lucas & Sara have been impressed by the Watt Bros solar panels, citing their efficiency as well their performance and value.

At Watt Bros, we understand that solar products encounter their fair share of wear and tear, and therefore our endeavor is to provide ongoing support through a 25 year warranty. Cracked panels, Energy production issues or workmanship, all get covered under this warranty to give you ongoing and everlasting satisfaction.

Customer view-best solar company in South Carolina : :

Satisfied customer Sharon has rated Watt Bros solar equipment higher than their competitors and has complimented the company for the service they provide.

Referrals made easy-best solar company in south Carolina

Our scheme of Referring a friend is unique and has a twofold benefit; it implies that you are satisfied with our service and products, and in turn, you along with the person you refer, can avail of monetary rewards!

Just fill out the referral form and we will ensure that the person you have referred is contacted for doing the needful processing. Any prospect that gets converted to a customer, will result in a $500 bonus that will be sent to you. On the other side, your referral customer will also be rewarded by a discount of $500 on a premium solar package. This is clearly a win for everyone !

As a renowned solar company, USA residents are our top priority. We will therefore ensure that you get a great deal so that getting a solar panel system is more affordable than ever, and you remain a satisfied customer.